Monday, June 15, 2009

Talking Like a Winner : )

Hi all,

Well, I was cleaning off my desk and came across these "17 words to live by" that someone shared with me a while ago. In my ongoing effort to get each of us to find the positive each day and to speak to ourselves with hope, I thought I'd share the words with you. Learn them. Embrace them. Live by them. You will be amazed at how differently your outlook will become.

Have a great week!

Mary Ann

17 Words to Live by
(sorry--I don't know the original author)

Weight loss will be yours when you...

Prepare - yourself to be thinner
Listen - to positive messages
Smile - through the challenges
Care - enough about yourself to do the work
Succeed - in doing whatever it takes to make things happen
Choose - to embrace the changes that are occurring
Focus - on your Winning Outcome (your GOAL, kids--you should know what these two words mean by now...)
Believe - in yourself
Relax - and don't expect yourself to be perfect :)
Act - on making the changes that will further your progress
Forgive - yourself as necessary
Trust - the program (not the program that you've created with your own self-imposed rules--I mean the program as it is designed and meant to be lived and followed)
Change - the things that you can and embrace that change!
Persist - in the face of obstacles
Accept - that success doesn't happen overnight
Risk - becoming thinner (yep, some of us hesitate to become thin people...)
Wait - even when it is the hardest thing to do

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