Saturday, May 30, 2009

A new month, a new start...

Hey kids,

It's hard to believe but Monday is the first day of June. May will be gone...finished...kaput...over. We can cry about it, regretting that we wish we had done things differently. We can anguish over it, lamenting our "lack of willpower" and poor choices. OR...we can start a new month with a new attitude! I WILL make the changes that have been hard to make. I WILL learn how to navigate food and food choices. I WILL challenge myself to do things differently when I face a crisis instead of reverting back to my comfort, sweet comfort, of food. I WILL learn to feel empowered, capable, and strong.

Start thinking in these terms, people, and we'll continue our dialogue on Monday. See you then!

Have a peaceful weekend,
Mary Ann

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