Thursday, January 1, 2009

WW BELIEVE Team - 2009

Happy New Year, everyone!

I apologize for the absence of an entry over the past few weeks. I took some time off to rejuvenate and renew, and, BOY, am I feeling ready to ROCK AND ROLL!! For those of you who were at a meeting this week, you heard my announcement of my getting back into the running scene (well, actually, the jogging scene...) and you also heard my invitation to any of you to join the WW BELIEVE team in training! Anyone can join; you can walk, run, jog or utilize whatever level of activity you are able to embrace. There are, however, team rules:

1. positive attitudes only (no whining)
2. show up, pay attention, do the work (no excuses)
3. share your knowledge and experience
4. be patient (no "it's too hard")
5. be realistic (no "I want to run a marathon in 2 months even though I've never run a day in my life up to now")

You are accountable to yourself, but you also are expected to relay your progress on a team chart, which will be at all meetings. You must sign up to get your name on the chart; you then update your progress each week. Don't lie on the chart--you may fool yourself, but you won't fool me :)

Are you ready to sign up? Email me at Training starts next week (the week of January 4, 2009). Once I receive your email, I'll send you the training schedule. The plan is to complete a 5K (3.1 mile) race once a month from March until December.

Did I hear you say "I can't do it?" Please refer to rule #1.

Did I hear you say "It's too cold outside?" Please refer to rules #1 and #2.

Let's get it started, people. No goal = no result. What do YOU want to have happen in 2009? That's your goal and the source of your motivation. Do you believe you can achieve it? That's your empowering belief. Are you willing to do the work? That's your drive.

Make this year, 2009, the year to SHINE!

Mary Ann

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