Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I just read the comics (I haven't hit the circulars yet--I save that for last!!), and I saw this quote:

"Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action." W.J. Cameron

How true is that! Let's use that as a reminder today that we are not celebrating food. The meaning of the day is THANKSGIVING, giving thanks and expressing gratitude for the abundant blessings we have been given--our families, our friends, a roof over our heads, music to listen to, a furry friend to pet, a child/grandchild/niece/nephew to spoil and to love.

I witnessed first hand, when working my social work "gig," people who have absolutely nothing and no one. I held the hands of a dying homeless man who was completely destitute. He had no money, no family, no friends, no home address, no clothes, no shoes, no health insurance. He had no wallet, no pictures in his wallet, no driver's license, no credit cards, no MAC card, no shoppers club cards. He had no extra change in his pocket, no keyring, no keys to a home or a car or an office. He had nothing. But, let me share something that he DID have that will make you stop and think.

On the day before Thanksgiving in 1995, I stopped by to chat with him before I left to spend the holiday with my family. I remember feeling sorry for myself because I was about to spend, yet again, another holiday without a baby in our house. As he spoke, he took my hand and he said, "No matter what happens to me, I have faith. I know nobody wants to touch me or look at me or talk to me because they think I'm dirty and stupid and disgusting. But I still have faith. No one can take that away from me. If I give that up, then I have nothing."

Powerful words for someone who elicited nasty comments, despise, and avoidance from the staff because of his appearance! But, WOW, what a wise man he was! We all have SOMETHING to be thankful for. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on things on the outside, and not gifts on the inside. So, today, celebrate true gratitude for all that you have been given--and don't forget to take your personal inventory from the inside out!

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!


designdiana said...

Hi Maryanne -

Thanks for getting up so early to write your blog! I am cooking for my little family (hubby and 2 teens) and they all decided to help. (Translated, I go around the kitchen and clean up after them) I'm thankful for their spirit of cooperation. Making all my recipes low "er" fat and low "er" sugar and just trying to keep to core value of reading my hunger. Have a great week. Joelene Diana

Anthony said...

First off let me thank you for the wonderful Pumpkin Trifle recipe. I had to work the morning of thanksgiving and had to make some desserts for a friends place afterwards and wanted to do a trifle and there it was. And it was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed it. Second, thanks for the Thanksgiving story how wonderful it was to read something so moving today. It really hit home and makes you always u are in inspiration in all things.